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We provide professional recording services to recovery-based events.  We bring full-service event solutions to all conferences, roundups, conventions, workshops & retreats. From expert audio & visual, event planning, agenda development, speaker lineups and even hybrid options to broaden your reach.


A little about us

Lyght Audio formed in 2021. After traveling all around the country and experiencing many different recovery-based events, our drive to help transform the legacy of speaker tapers began.

We set out to reinvent what it means to be a “Speaker Taper”. From preserving our rich history to providing professional audio to make last impressions. Our goal is to bring a modern touch to a profession that holds dearly in our hearts.

We’re excited to help you out with your upcoming event, don’t hesitate to contact us and see how we can collaborate together!

Professional Recording (Speaker Taping)


With all of the modern technologies that are now at our finger tips, we are setting out to bring “Speaker Taping” to the next level.

We use the most modern methods in capturing each speaker’s talk so that the experience lives long past the conference. We’re passionate about preserving the history of “the moment” and will ensure that the recordings align with the memories that follow.

Sound & Visuals

Audio & Visual

Do you need audio and sound equipment for your event? We provide professional audio and visual equipment to ensure that your event is memorable for your attendees.

By allowing us to record your event, we will provide the necessary equipment that will reach every attendee, so whether their seats are upfront or in the back, the experience will be the same.



During these past few years, we realized more than ever how effective utilizing technology can be in reaching those that are unable to attend events in person.

We have the expertise to create virtual experiences to connect with more attendees.  Whether it’s a simulcast to increase registration numbers or with a complete virtual & in-person cross-communication. We have the equipment and knowledge to widen the doorways to your event. 

Speaker Tapes

Past Recordings

We have a vast library of speaker tapes from the most recent conferences to the classics.  We offer the ability for attendees to purchase recordings that may help spark their recovery, hopefully as much as it did mine.

From the days of handing off that old cassette tape or CD, we provide more modern options to have your favorite speaker, conference or recording right at your fingertips.  At your event, each attendee will have the opportunity to not only get the recordings at the event, but will be able to browse through our library to tap into the past and to be a link in the chain in preserving our histories.

Free Event Consultation

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    Lyght Audio provides full-service event solutions. From professional audio & visual, expert recording, event planning, agenda development, speaker lineups, and also help create virtual hybrid experiences for attendees. 

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